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Beauty Within

A three bedroom home accommodating a family of five has had a major internal renovation to maximise the space and bring the interior into the 21st century.

The family endured three months living on the site in a motor home while almost the entire interior of their home was gutted and remodelled. The downstairs laundry and toilet were moved to the front of the house and in their place a fabulous library now connects the two living spaces with views out to the pool area. The joinery was designed by the owner, liaising with Simply Bathrooms and the joiner.

Upstairs one large, and two smaller bedrooms have become four, each with new built in wardrobes and what was once a separate toilet room, shower room and bathroom has become a main bathroom and separate ensuite.

The crowning glories to both upstairs bathrooms are the two bespoke curved vanities designed by the owner in conjunction with Simply Bathrooms and Stewart Scott Cabinetry. Quality fittings and tiling completes the high-end luxury finish.

The result is a reflection of the quality of workmanship and owner’s personality and ideas that blends harmoniously with the 1950’s era of the property and will stand the test of time without dating.

Before Renovation